A "special" or if you will "atypical" farm

Serenissima Farm

Serenissima Farm

A local company specializing in spirulina

Located in an area with a vocation for centuries for agricultural production such as thehinterland of the Venetian lagoon,with a very particular climate,soil and type of water,Serenissima has tried to shift its attention to a type of cultivation completely outside of tradition.

Microalgae production sees the use of advanced technologies that make it unique in the purity of the final product.

The plant is designed to create and maintain a constant ideal habitat for algae growth, without subjecting it to "stress" due to uncontrolled growth conditions.

le nostre serre di microalghe

An innovative company in Europe

Our plant is state-of-the-art internationally, an ideal system without any bacterial contamination, quality certified and constantly monitored because this is the only way to obtain the prestigious Organic certification and provide a natural product of the highest quality.

Our plant


The miracle seaweed

Our philosophy

Tradition and innovation while respecting the environment

The plant was developed and implemented With the collaboration of the University of Florence. A wood-chip cogenerator has been attached, That gasifying the twigs provides the heat necessary for the growth of microalgae to avoid air pollution, therefore it can be defined as. the 0-impact facility.

This innovative and original idea enabled to the Soc. Ag. Serenissima Ltd. to achieve with its own ECO-LOGIC GREEN FARM project. ecogreenfarm.co.uk recognition and support Community under the HORIZON 2020 Project. promoted by the European Community: Horizon 2020.

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Italian Spirulina

The best Bios spirulina on the market, thanks to a metal-free and active production technique.
Unique quality that will leave you satisfied and in top shape !

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