One of the spirulina farm
most innovative in Europe

Serenissima Farm

An innovative production system

Photobioreactors of
latest generation

Spirulina is grown in GWP-II (photosyntheticµbiological) photobioreactors in alkaline growth medium and then harvested by vibrating screen and subsequent passage through a press to remove excess water before being extruded into cassettes and dried at low temperatures.

The plant is designed to create and maintain a constant ideal habitat for algae growth, without subjecting it to "stress" due to uncontrolled growth conditions.

impianto fotobioreattori GWP-II

Purity and sterility
constantly guaranteed

Thanks to closed photobioreactors, spirulina realized turns out to have a high degree of purity and no Of bad odors.
The growth of the culture is monitored and controlled Day by day by our in-house biotechnologist, Through analysis and temperature and PH detection sensors.


Ongoing commitment to production and consumer-facing service


Research and study to provide better productions and innovative solutions


For the customer, the territory, the environment and the health of the whole community.

Our certification

The prestigious certification

Issued only to companies that meet the strictest requirements and strict manufacturing compliance.

AlgaVenice certificazione bio

Our organic products comply with Reg. EC 834/07 and Reg. EC 889/08 that regulate organic production.

our company is audited by the certifying body QCertifications Srl.

provetta controllo microalghe
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