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How to use spirulina in cooking

come si usa la spirulina in cucina

Spirulina offers an extraordinary combination of nutrients and antioxidants, so much so that it has historically been called the “food of the gods.” If this blue-green algae with the classic spiral shape is a real “trump card,” we can’t help but introduce it into our kitchen!

The properties are numerous and still unknown to many: think of the fact that spirulina is eight times richer in calcium than milk, 15 times richer in beta-carotene than carrots (a few grams of spirulina equals about fifteen carrots!) and 34 times richer in iron than spinach. It is an invaluable source of vitamins A, B, K and E, amino acids (as much as the egg), fatty acids and minerals. So let’s take the time to give ourselves a healthy energy boost by first including spirulina in our pantry, then learning how to use it in our recipes.

In the kitchen with spirulina healthy and tasty organic recipes

Spirulina algae can be used in powder or flake form, if little away likes the idea of taking a green tablet as a supplement.

Spirulina powder can be added to yogurt, to a soy, almond, oat, or other vegetable milk, to smoothies and centrifuges, in omelets, in meatballs, or to flour to make pasta, bread, cookies, and sweet or savory pies. This will enrich your food with protein and vitamins, calcium and antioxidants. You will then have more nutritious breakfasts and more complete meals.

Great for example is pomegranate or pineapple juice with a teaspoon of spirulina powder, mix well and you get a drink with an antioxidant, detoxifying and purifying effect.

Green light to “experiment” with your dishes

If you like fresh pasta, you can add some spirulina powder to the flour you usually use. To make green, nutritious and protein-packed dumplings, the powder can be mixed with potatoes and flour of your choice.

Spirulina is also available in flakes: good to eat in salads, with cereals and yogurt, a sprinkle on pasta or in soups. You can have fun trying various combinations, to your taste, and enchant guests with fresh dough or cookies with a distinctive and striking blue-green color.

It is always recommended to consider the directions on the product package for daily doses to be taken.

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