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Italian-made spirulina

spirulina biologica

The spirulina seaweed we produce is all organic and is a food of the highest quality. Our organic products comply with European regulations (EC 834/07 and EC 889/08) governing production in the sector, further guaranteeing the food safety of what we offer.

Our crops

Our spirulina seaweed is cultivated in state-of-the-art photobioreactors in alkaline growth medium and then harvested by vibrating screen; it is then pressed in a press to remove the excess water present, before being extruded into cassettes and dried at low temperatures to preserve its amazing properties intact. Reducing the water present to about 5 percent serves to avoid the risk of decomposition and bad odors.

The special planting used by Algavenice serves to maintain a constant ideal habitat for the growth of the algae to prevent it from being stressed by uncontrolled growth conditions, and to protect it from any contamination from the air, water, and the surrounding environment.

Due to closed photobioreactors, spirulina is found to have a high degree of purity and to be odor-free. We monitor the growth of our crops day by day: a biotechnologist, through measurements, microscopic analysis and through temperature and pH sensors, monitors the health and growth status of the crops to ensure a controlled environment and constant growing conditions at all times.

A 100% pure product

The end result is a 100% pure, additive-free organic product with multiple organoleptic properties and numerous benefits for the human body: it is perfect for feeding vegetarians, vegans and celiacs.

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