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Where to buy spirulina

dove acquistare la spirulina

Spirulina seaweed, as well as on our website with organic certification, can be purchased in pharmacies, herbal and natural products stores, and certain supermarkets. Obviously, these are not the same kind of products.

The price of products on the market, in some cases, is lower because they are non-organic, “non-certified” and lower quality products.

What the market proposes

The most popular products, and most demanded by consumers, are powder and dry extract tablets, which can be taken as natural supplements. Dosages, depending on the quality of the product, are indicated on the packages, and the recommended daily dose is 5 to 6 grams of spirulina. As in all things, it is always good not to overdo it.

Spirulina flakes or flakes can be used as a real food, to be added to soups, gravies, salads, sweet or savory pies, and other recipes, depending on one’s imagination and taste. The powder can also be dosed to flavor dishes or drinks.

Our recommendations

Our first advice is not to save money by choosing a less pure and nutritionally less healthy or otherwise less effective product. Seeking the best quality means giving yourself a pure and immediately available “natural energy recharge” for the body.

A second piece of advice: always check the packaging and favor brands with recognized certifications, specifically marked “from organic farming,” in compliance with Italian and European cultivation and marketing standards.

Algavenice offers you precisely these guarantees: you can find our certifications on our website.

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