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Spirulina seaweed for kidneys and liver

alga spirulina per i reni e per il fegato

The benefits ofspirulina seaweed for kidneys and liver can be attributed mainly to its detoxifying and depurative properties.

The properties of Spirulina algae

Spirulina algae, having within it some plant pigments such as chlorophyll, phycocyanin and xanthophylls.

Detoxifies – Antioxidant – Depurative

The main properties of spirulina are: detoxifying, anti-toxidant and depurative. Supports the body in eliminating heavy metals that tend to accumulate in it.

Spirulina also has invigorating and restorative properties: it has an energizing effect, like a true “natural restorative.” It tones the muscular system, improving the health of of of our muscles, through the intervention of more easily assimilated proteins and various vitamins present.

The detoxifying and purifying properties of spirulina are even more important because they help cleanse the digestive system like a kind of sponge. This leads to improved health by promoting digestive processes and preventing possible bacterial infections.

Spirulina algae for kidney and liver: the scientific research

In December 2020, we finally had the first research scientifically confirming the kidney and liver benefits of taking spirulina algae in fish.

The study published in pubmed study shows that spirulina platensis alleviated oxidative damage in the gills, liver and kidney organs of Nile tilapia intoxicated with sodium sulfate. The study exemplifies how dietary supplementation of spirulina algae can have a beneficial effect on tissue oxidative stress.

Spirulina bio indications

As with all supplements, to avoid side effects (mainly attributable to constipation, fever, nausea and vomiting) and to avoid “overloading” the liver, it is best to follow the directions on the product packaging. If you have any special medical conditions, consult your doctor before starting consumption.

In order to benefit from the fabulous properties ofspirulina seaweed for kidneys and liver, it is best to use it with caution by initially taking it in small doses. Then gradually increase consumption so as not to run the risk of unwanted effects. Better also to alternate the consumption of a few months with intervals of two or three months.

Spirulina AlgaVenice

Due to the strict production method, AlgaVenice spirulina is of superior quality:

  • It is grown in closed photobioreactors to avoid any contamination;
  • Constant monitoring through sensors and laboratory analysis ensures that the seaweed is guaranteed optimal growth conditions;
  • ‘drying takes place slowly at low temperatures to maintain all the nutritional properties of spirulina;
  • AlgaVenice spirulina is certified organic product. It contains no additives, preservatives, heavy metals or GMOs;

With AlgaVenice you can finally enjoy odor-free spirulina.

Discover our three available formats :

In our store you can also find Spirulina for Cosmetics and Supplementation, if you have any questions or clarifications on the use and unique features of our product, please feel free to contact us.

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