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We are in the hinterland of the Venetian lagoon. This is where Algavenice has its roots: in an area of ancient agricultural vocation, where the climate, the particularity of the soil and a type of water that we can define as special, frame our microalgae production plant, precious for the well-being of our organism.

Spirulina seaweed is our specialty: a product of high quality and purity that is odor-free, thanks to advanced technologies and the characteristics of the environment in which it grows. We have a state-of-the-art facility designed to create and maintain a constant ideal habitat for spirulina algae to grow vigorously and experience no “stress.”

Day by day

Every organism needs good water, healthy nourishment and constant care to grow healthy. So every day we monitor the health of our crops and devote time and attention to them. Our biotechnologist takes care of our productions and, using temperature and pH sensing analysis and sensors, checks the growth and health status of the microalgae day after day for a high-quality end product.

In the AlgaVenice plant, spirulina is dried at low temperatures so that its nutritional properties are not altered, and any pollutants, of air and water, are eliminated in the production process.

Our productions are organic, environmentally friendly and designed to help you live better and face daily challenges with more energy.

Our three pillars

There are three core values that we hold dear and on which our production is based.

  • Quality: for our constant efforts to obtain a product that is pure and retains all its nutritional properties. We provide efficient and timely consumer service for the welfare of our client.
  • Innovation: we are constantly investing in quality improvement through the study of innovative, cutting-edge solutions.
  • Respect for the environment: our products are certified organic and our plant, developed and built with the collaboration of the University of Florence, is designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

Algavenice offers you all the “natural energy at your fingertips.” To learn more about our products and our company, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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