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The correct price of spirulina

il prezzo corretto della spirulina

If you are interested in spirulina price is only because you have realized that the beauty of spirulina algae is that it does not require long and expensive care. Just take it for even short periods, as our body benefits from its excellent properties the same day!

Spirulina is a true wonder of nature. It has been part of our planet’s green creatures for at least three and a half billion years. This small but very lucky spiral-shaped mycoalga reproduces through the process of photosynthesis. Unlike other photosynthetic organisms, it manages to grow even in the most hostile environments.

What does science say about AlgaVenice spirulina?

All right, the words from before were our own flour. But what would you think if these words were confirmed by science? Did you know that AlgaVenice spirulina platensis itself has been a mainstay of no less than two studies published in scientific portals worldwide? These are:

These are two studies that consider the beneficial effect of AlgaVenice organic spirulina in the production of croutons and pasta for their organoleptic characteristics. You cannot fail to explore this topic!

When you want to establish the spirulina price ratio, you need to consider these simple aspects:

  1. method of cultivation;
  2. How drying takes place;
  3. Whether it is pasteurized or not.

I now clarify why:

  • Cultivation. Unlike other spirulina algae, AlgaVenice spirulina grows in closed photobioreactors to avoid any contamination.
  • Drying. If drying is done slowly, naturally,spirulina seaweed retains its organoleptic characteristics. That’s why AlgaVenice dries spirulina: slowly, slowly and slowly again.
  • Pasteurization. This is a fact! I guess you already know that this heat treatment causes the food to lose most of the microorganisms present. AlgaVenice avoids this step thanks to a supply chain rigorously controlled by both sensing sensors and continuous laboratory analysis.

How much protein?

Spirulina, as a dietary supplement, is a powerful reservoir of plant protein: it contains about 70 percent, compared with meat, fish, and cheese, which have 20 to 40 percent, or legumes and eggs, which are around 13 to 15 percent. You can well understand how its intake can give a valuable, plant-based energy boost to our bodies, especially in times of increased stress and fatigue, when we need a “little help.” The other aspect that makes a difference is that the nutrients in spirulina are immediately available to be assimilated by our bodies. All without overburdening the digestion. It is an injection of energy, immediately expendable, like putting wood in the stove.

When may it be necessary?

Spirulina supplementation without excipients as food is recommended daily in certain cases, such as for:

  • Those who consume little protein at the table;
  • Those who feel exhausted and stressed;
  • anemic people;
  • athletes who need immediate energy;
  • Those who have problems with the scale and wish to lose weight;
  • Who likes to feel good.

Spirulina seaweed price?

Given that our products are organic, pure, and of the highest quality, Algavenice’s prices are in line with those charged by other certified companies in the industry.

You can view our product page (spirulina flakes, powder or tablets), with their prices, on our website or contact us through our contact page (where you can also find all our contact information).

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